Cut The Crap

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

We live in a time with information that is more accessible than ever. Just say the word, and Siri will answer for you in seconds. We are connected at home and on the go. In your pocket or on your wrist, access is everywhere.

In this connected world, there are far too many distractions. We spend hours a day on the doom scroll, not gaining any benefit, just lost in a dark void in our minds.

When was the last time you were honestly bored? A tricky question to answer. At the first sense of the onset of boredom, we grasp for our phones.

This pandemic has made it even harder to escape our devices and the nonsense notifications designed to suck us in. The more connected we are, the more unproductive depressed humans we become, going through motions.

This past year I found myself falling into the void. Growing anxious and depressed, I found myself searching for an escape and drawn towards Digital Minimalism.

I started with that device that we are all so addicted to, my phone.

I began deleting social media apps and others I did not use. I pushed further through the clutter and evaluated why I used certain apps at all. Finally, I minimalized my Home Screen to two widgets and the four apps I use daily.

It may seem odd for a CTO to advocate removing technology from your life, but clearing out the digital crap is an essential step towards clearing your head.

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