Delivering a Better Customer Experience

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

In 2011 I was running what I would call my first successful business venture. The photo booth for hire concept was about to explode, and I had only just started a few months into 2010. Nevertheless, the business was going great, and we were busy all week long.

I rented photo booth systems for 4-6 hours at a time. Along with the equipment, I also provided an "experience host" to ensure that everything was operational, but more importantly, the guests had a great experience.

Early on, I committed to one thing, deliver the best experience for my customers and their guests. The experience we created allowed me to build a long list of testimonials and command a higher than average rate.

As the popularity of photo booths continued to grow, so did my competition. More operators began popping up daily. They offered their services at prices much lower than mine. Even as the competition grew, I was able to continue to command a higher rate.

It was in growing this business that I learned about marketing automation. With my goal to create the best experience, I saw it as a tool that I could leverage to deliver that experience at scale. In addition, automating systems of personalization allowed me to focus more on the customer and ultimately sell my business.

I believe that marketing automation has the power to be the single greatest leverage point in your business. It will allow you to multiply all your efforts and deliver a better customer experience.

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