Getting Lost In The Woods

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

I used to work a lot, putting in long hours every day. Most days, I would close my computer questioning what I had accomplished.

I spent much of my time completing tasks that were irrelevant to my bigger goals. Goals that I never set. I lived and worked by the mantra that the end would be apparent when I found it.

It is easy to get lost in the woods if you start walking. Before going on a hike, an experienced hiker knows to plan and map out their route.

As you set out on a hike, you bring the map and a compass to guide you. You have a set goal with a destination marked on a map. There is a clear path for you to get from a starting point to the finish. You may experience some obstacles along the way that you will need to overcome, but you are prepared to handle those because you planned your journey.

I was lost, like the hiker that sets out into the woods without a clear direction.

I realized I needed to make a shift to be more intentional with how I spent my time, setting my intentions at the start of each week and each day with a path to get me there. Planning goals out in advance allowed me to be prepared to overcome the obstacles as they came.

Making incremental changes have enabled me to focus on intents, reach goals, and spend less time working.

Have you ever gotten lost in the woods?
Struggling to get back to where you started?
Knowing this all could have been avoided had you taken the time to plan
This is how I used to spend every day of work.

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