How To Create A Losing Product

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

I find elation in the sport of running. It allows me to clear my mind and reset for the day. But, of course, some runs are better than others, which has nothing to do with pace or distance.

My worst runs occur when my mind is lost in the distractions of the day; thinking about what needs to get done or something that happened yesterday that\nis weighing on me. Those days I end up down a dead-end road, not knowing how I got there.

The best runs come when I focus on the run itself and the path in front of me. I cross the finish line stronger mentally and more prepared for the day.

When we take the focus off of what is important, we lose.

The same is true when it comes to building your product. When you take your focus off what is essential, you find yourself going down the wrong path. You begin creating the wrong solution that your customers won't use.

It is easy to get wrapped up in feature ideation and lose sight of the goal. The 80/20 principle applies to product creation as well. 80% of your product usage\nwill come from 20% of your product features.

The most important thing to think about when creating your product is how canyou help your customers achieve more results. Ask yourself what changes you should make to meet your customers' needs?

Create with a customer-first mindset and focus on creating wins for your customers.

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