I run this lonely road

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

I run by myself and in the winter months, often in the dark.

I can go long distances and spend time just me, the road, and my shoes. To me, this is freeing and a great way to clear my head and energize me for the day. Some may find this isolation lonely as a result, not being motivated to get outside and move. But just because I am running by myself, it does not mean I am alone. There is an entire community out there doing the same thing as me: running, thinking, and pushing through to the finish line.

The same is true for entrepreneurship and especially solopreneurs. We spend a lot of time by ourselves ideating and creating our products. It can get lonely working by yourself. Not having people to bounce ideas off of can inhibit our creative process. Without a connection can come to a loss of motivation.

The best way I have found to combat the isolation of an entrepreneur is to find your community. There is an entire world of people out there doing the same as you. Find like-minded people that are out there creating and building.

You need people that you can bounce ideas off of that are not your mother or significant other. Connect with people that will understand your success and also understand your struggles.

You can find this in masterminds, social channel groups, even in challenge groups. If the ideal community for you doesn't exist, create one.

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