Importance of Routine

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

Routine is important. On weekdays, I follow a strict routine. It has been reworked much over the last few months to the point that it operates almost on autopilot.

5:30 am: Wake, brush teeth, chug 32oz of water to jumpstart the day
5:40 am: Drink greens supplements
5:43 am: Mediation and journaling
6:15 am: Coffee and reading
6:45 am: Pre-workout stretch
7:00 am: Workout usually consisting of a 3-5 mile run followed by core or TRX strength training
8:15 am: Spend time with the kids, preparing them for their day
9:00 am: Drop the kids off at school and return home

Recently I added a new daily activity, writing. I dedicated 30 minutes of my morning to writing out my thoughts and sharing them publicly to create this habit.

I typically enjoy a more relaxed start to the day on weekends, but breaking the routine can make building a new habit a challenge.

Today I found myself struggling with idea flow, but building this new habit is essential. I had restricted myself from continuing with my day until it was complete. As frustrating as it can be, I know that pushing these activities aside can quickly lead to negotiating with yourself and leaving them for tomorrow.

We are all given the same 24 hours a day, and how we use that time is up to us. We can't save time. We can either use it or waste it. Building habits will help you complete things on almost an autopilot mode.

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