Know your customers better than a concierge.

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

A hotel concierge knows its guests. They learn their personal preferences and understand the context of their requests.

Guests call upon the concierge for many things, from a forgotten toothbrush to recommendations for a night out. When the concierge knows their guests, they have a better experience because it is highly personalized and memorable.

Just like that hotel guest and the concierge, your customers come to you for a solution. They need someone that knows their problems and the best way to solve them.

How can you build a customer-centric experience and a relevant product that will help to solve their problem?

Like the hotel concierge, you need to understand your customer. So take the time to learn more about their struggles to overcome their problem.

While we can make many assumptions, the best way to understand is by having one-on-one conversations with your ideal customers.

Ask questions that will help you better understand their needs and desires. First, learn what they have done to try to solve these problems in the past. Then, evaluate their approach and offer suggestions.

Understanding how your customer views the problem you are trying to solve will help you see their hopes for your product to solve their problem. Building your product this way will help you cut waste and not spend time building features that will not get used.

Conversations don't scale but will enable you to build a customer-centric experience and a trusting relationship that will lead to customers for life.

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