Learning Without Action Is Just Entertainment

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

I didn't want to go out for a run today. It was cold and gloomy outside. I have found myself in a bit of a rut with my run ever since I sustained an injury a few weeks back. I am running at a more sluggish pace than usual. Also, the snow and ice are slowing me down. All of these excuses had me wanting to stay inside and not take action today.

In the end, I laced up my shoes, got out, and pushed myself for 4 miles. I frequently adjusted my pace throughout the run, attempting to lift myself out of my rut and get back to the running that I enjoy.

We all put off taking action for many reasons. It might be the fear of failure or the desire to have everything be perfect. However, action is the one thing that separates the achievers from the rest. Action creates the momentum that keeps us going even through the obstacles.

How many books have you read, or courses have you taken that brought you many good ideas? Not just good ideas, but ones that you were excited to implement.

How many hours have you spent planning and brainstorming only to never take the next step and begin working on it?

The people out there doing are reaching their goals faster than those that are just thinking about it. Like the run I am out there doing while others are at home planning.

What action are you putting on hold?

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