Leveraging AI for Problem-Solving

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

Recently, I faced an intriguing challenge in a marketing campaign initiative: My campaign manager asked us to create 10 landing pages all the same but with a different video on each. I wanted to save my team time so I suggested we should just create a landing page where the embedded Vimeo video would change dynamically based on a query string parameter. 🎥💼

The challenge boiled down to this: I’m busy and didn’t really want to write the code or search the internet to find solutions others have already tried. But, how can I ensure that the right video plays when users visit the page with different query string parameters, all while keeping the page responsive? 🤔

This is where ChatGPT, the AI marvel, came to the rescue! 🤖🌟

Here's how I harnessed the power of ChatGPT to solve this puzzle:

1️⃣ Generating JavaScript Code: I turned to ChatGPT to help me generate the JavaScript code required for this dynamic video switching.

2️⃣ Query String Parsing: I implemented JavaScript to parse the query string and extract the all-important "video" parameter.

3️⃣ Default Video ID: To ensure a smooth user experience, I established a default video ID in case there was no parameter present.

4️⃣ Vimeo Player API Integration: With ChatGPT's guidance, I integrated the Vimeo Player API to dynamically update the embedded video while preserving the page's responsiveness.

The end result? A landing page that flawlessly showcases different Vimeo videos based on query string parameters, all thanks to the AI-powered insights and code generation capabilities of ChatGPT! 🪄✨

I'm excited to share this journey of how AI can be a game-changer in solving real-world problems. If you're curious or would like to learn more about how ChatGPT can assist in your projects, feel free to connect and let's discuss the endless possibilities of AI and technology together! 💬🚀

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