Open Tab Syndrome

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

Everything is important! Do it all at once!

We live in a world that praises multitasking and juggling multiple balls at the same time. Multitasking is like drawing a picture with one hand and carving a sculpture with the other. It might get done, but it will take more time to produce at a lower quality of work.

Count how many tabs you have open in your browser right now. Most people have at least ten open tabs. They are unrelated to the current task at hand, kept open with the intent of returning to them soon.

While working, you jump between tabs trying to find the one you need. Quickly, you are taken off task down a rabbit hole of Buzzfeed quizzes. You are left wasting time to regain focus on your initial task.

The open tabs and constant need to be doing everything at once are taxing on the brain. This can quickly lead to fatigue and a lack of productivity. More importantly, you are wasting time that could be spent doing the things you love.

When you prioritize one objective and block the time to complete it, you can cut your wasted time by half. As a result, you will find you use time more efficiently and begin to see results quicker.

My simple hack:
Quit every app that you are not using, including your browser.
Close every tab that is not related to your current task at hand.
Create a jumping-off point of links and the tools you regularly use.

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