Proof First

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

Sometimes I find it easier and quicker to write a bit of code to solve problems, but this isn't true all the time. A similar task can often be completed in less time and with less effort by leveraging a no-code-based tool. No-code is growing in popularity, and so are the tools that enable this trend.

If you have used any drag-and-drop landing page builders like Elementor or ClickFunnels, you have leveraged no-code. Building a chatbot with ManyChat, another great no-code tool as well. Zapier enables you to connect all of your favorite apps and pass data back and forth. Optimizely provides the average marketer the ability to test out different landing pages and headlines without waiting for the dev team to build. Proof Experience brings the power of personalization to everyone.

Tools like these are great for both the non-technical, tech-savvy, and coders alike. They enable you to take what would be a somewhat time-consuming task and simplify the process. No longer does the average person have to find someone to code up a landing page or a website. They can even build simple email processes connected to that landing page by themselves.

As someone that knows how to write complex code to solve a problem, I still see value in no-code. We can quickly test and iterate through ideas, finding winners, and discarding losers. Once your tests are concluded, you can pass the results and the dev team to create a permanent solution.

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