Remove the Minutiae

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

There are many small tasks you are completing daily that lead to delivering a better customer experience. It may be sending a gift to a loyal customer or a thank you card to someone that sent you a referral. As these tasks pile up, more time is being consumed, leaving you less time to focus on what is essential.

How can you get your time back while still delivering a better customer experience? Automate those small but essential detailed tasks (the minutiae) that take up your day.

Many tasks, emails, and customer touchpoints can be automated to give you your time back. Automation has the power to take your business to a whole new level, but you should start small.

Where do you start?

Make a list of the tasks that are repeatedly taking up time in your day. After making your list, find the time-consuming tasks that could easily be handed off to another person. If they can be handed off, there is a good likelihood that the task could be automated. Use SaaS products that connect to your customer database and allow you to create simple if this condition exists, then do that, type of automation.

Start slowing, ensuring that these tasks are handled as expected. Look for ways to optimize the experience you are delivering along the way. Automation helps to create a better experience, and leveraging it will allow you to get out of the way and focus on the higher-level tasks.

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