Rocking Marketing Ops: Lessons from Bring Me The Horizon

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

Let’s rock the world of Marketing Ops with some unconventional inspiration!

Lesson 1: Embrace Change Like a Chameleon 🦎

Just like BMTH constantly evolves their music style, successful marketing ops teams adapt to change. Be flexible, stay current, and be ready to pivot when needed. Change is your friend!

Lesson 2: Know Your Audience’s Pulse 💓

BMTH knows their fans inside out. Similarly, effective marketing ops requires deep insights into your audience. Use data to understand their preferences and behavior. It’s like composing a hit song tailored to your fans’ tastes!

Lesson 3: Creativity Unleashes Magic ✨

BMTH’s music videos are visually stunning. In marketing ops, creativity can make your campaigns unforgettable. Think of each campaign as a work of art that leaves a lasting impression.

Lesson 4: Collaborate Like a Band 🎶

BMTH’s harmonious collaboration leads to epic music. In marketing ops, teamwork and cross-functional collaboration are your secret weapons. Break down silos, and make every team member a rock star!

Lesson 5: Experiment Fearlessly 🧪

BMTH experiments with sound, and so should you. Don’t be afraid to try new tools, channels, and strategies. Experimentation can lead to breakthroughs that set you apart in the marketing arena.

So, which lesson resonates with your journey?

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