So, you want to build a startup? Quit looking for startup ideas.

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

With so many unicorn startups, high valuations and big IPOs it is no wonder so many have a dream to build a startup and make it big. Many of these dreamers often lookin in the wrong place as they begin exploring their process; they look for ideas.

Ideas are a great thing but like the Bluetooth Banana phone, not all are the next big startup. The best ideas come from solving a problem and most often it is a problem that the startup founders faced and needed to solve. Facebook started because some computer nerds wanted to meet girls. They had a problem (meeting girls) and created a solution (The Facebook).

Some of the easiest problems that tech can solve often revolve around three things:

  • Saving time
  • Saving /making money
  • Increasing status

To discover your idea, take a look at areas in your life either personal or professional and see what can be simplified by a tech solution.

Can you take a process that you run with Excel and simplify it and save time?
Maybe you are repeatedly tracking the same task, but that task could really be broken down and take less time if there was a tech to handle part of it.

Problems can be found everywhere. We are not all going to launch the next unicorn, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t build a product that solves a problem, saves time and helps others succeed.

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