Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

Your ideas are holding you back.

Ideas themselves are not a bad thing. Some ideas are great; others are shit on a stick. That was an idea I had for a food truck. The concept was simple; everything served was on a stick and most was deep-fried.

I have spent a lot of time executing many of my ideas the past few years but never going big on a single one of them. I often get wrapped up in the idea of the idea — thinking this could be the one idea that does it.

I have chased startup money with pitch competitions. I have built a few SaaS products that I never launched. I have pursued so many ideas at this point I can't even catalog them.

I could blame this on my ADHD but, I have learned to manage my ADHD quite well. Unfortunately, there are so many distractions with social media that it is easy to get lost.

My biggest distraction is the people I deem not as smart as me, making a killing off what I would consider a crap product or service. The reason they are doing so well?

They picked one idea and went big.

I am learning that you do not have to be the smartest or the best to succeed. Instead, you need to go big on one thing.

Do not let distractions and ideas get in your way. It doesn't have to be your passion, but pick one thing and go big.

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