Start Small & Stay Lean

No product released is ever complete. This concept is going to be a challenge for perfectionists but stay with me.

The purpose of any product you create or build is to help your customer achieve a specific goal. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles the customer must overcome along their journey to achieve this goal.

Planning all the features and content, you can create to make the best product is easy to get carried away.

While it is good to think big picture, starting small and staying lean will help you build the product your customers need.

What does it mean to start small and stay lean?

Start by visualizing each of the obstacles your customer must overcome to reach their goal. Then, list them out on a Kaban board or draw them out as a journey map.

Each obstacle provides an opportunity to create a win for your customer. The little victories that your customers experience get them excited and keep them motivated to continue on the journey with you.

Your first version of your product release should provide a clear path to overcome only the first obstacle giving your customer that quick win to push them forward.

As your product gains traction and you gather feedback, take that information, and continue to build a product that your customers love and help them succeed.

As you plan your next product or launch, evaluate how you do the least amount of work that provides the highest impact.

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