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Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

Your customers communicate in many different ways. They might connect with their friends via text message and WhatsApp, their colleagues on Messenger and email, with businesses on a live chat, email, SMS, Messenger, or WhatsApp.

With the increasing channels that we are growing used to communicating through, it can be difficult to decide the best way to reach your clients. The question came up yesterday, what is the best way to communicate with our current customers?

The simple answer, train your customers with the way you want to communicate with them.

If you offer a SaaS product, your customers will want a quick response to help them solve their problems. Knowing your customer needs, it would be logical to consider offering an in-app chat communication tool.

For a professional community-based product offering, a mobile app with chat and push notifications would be helpful. With your community members constantly on the go, they have limited time on their calendars to figure out how to reach you and other members.

Likewise, a local retail store or service-based company would benefit from promoting a 2-way SMS communication service. It can save your customer time and headaches. Your customer could schedule service or get the answers to their problems without jumping through the IVR nightmare.

Provide and promote a single primary channel for your customers and clients to communicate with you. Select a communication channel that will provide value and be the most helpful for your customer and not because it is what you like.

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