The Battle For Your Digital Soul

I recently made a switch from Google Chrome to Safari as my primary browser. The main driver of this decision was the bloat and lag time that is Chrome. Chrome can kill the battery life of a MacBook sitting in the background with a few tabs open. Often I would experience a browser hang, taking minutes before I could continue working.

My change in habit also comes at an interesting time. Recent updates to Mac OS and iOS brought more default privacy features than we have ever seen before. This push by Apple is an effort to be more transparent about the personal data\nthat is actively collected.

Safari is now blocking trackers by default and informing you about the data being tracked. If you want to see this in full effect, look at the data-points Facebook is collecting using the app installed on your iPhone. The mile-long list will seriously make you think about deleting it from your phone.

These changes are just the beginning, as consumers become more conscious of their personal data.

The question businesses need to ask now, how will they adapt?
Creating a personalized consumer experience is still more important than ever, but the data once used is becoming limited. The focus will need to shift to first-party data. Permission-based marketing should be a priority for every\nbusiness in 2021.

Collecting, processing, and activating owned data on your customer and prospects will enable businesses to stay ahead of the larger privacy crackdown that is coming.

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