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Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

Yet another MarTech based post.

What makes up your go-to toolkit for Marketing Operations?

Here are some must-have tools that have helped keep things running seamlessly and make my day a little bit easier:

The backbone of my marketing systems. HubSpot simplifies everything, making customer management, engagement, and communication a breeze. Everything we do from a marketing side runs through HubSpot and if you have read any of my other posts you will know we use almost every tool HubSpot provides.

Dive deep into user analytics with Amplitude. It's my trusted companion for understanding user behavior, split-testing, and ensuring every move is data-driven. Amplitude also makes it easy to build targeted audiences and sync them to various platforms.
Data integration efficiency This tool is a powerhouse for crafting simple automations that move data to the correct location. Sure you can also go with Zapier but Make has always seemed to have cleaner integration options.

4. Jira/Confluence:
Previously we used Asana and it was hard to really grasp what the team was working on at a glance. Jira has been amazing for sprint planning and clear project management. Confluence has enable collaborative documentation of all the crazy things that we build. Together, they keep my team synced and tasks on track.

Visualizing complex processes is a breeze with Lucid Chart. It's my secret weapon for creating clear, concise visuals that simplify the most intricate workflows. I won’t hate on Miro board or Figma, both are great tools and we use them as well, but the OG of process charts is hard to replace.

I have written about some of the ways that I have used ChatGPT to make working easier. I do not think there is a day that goes by without me touching that tool for one reason or another. If you are not yet using this tool.. why?

The community on LinkedIn is always sharing news, ideas, wins, and losses. Helping improve systems and processes. Inspiring one another to try new things, look at something a little different, and maybe even run that experiment you were nervous to push.

Each of these tools plays a vital role in elevating marketing operations, for me.

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