Voting For The Homecoming Queen

Nick Jensen
Nick Jensen

I am the person that people come to when they need help selecting a MarTech product to solve a problem. I have long been fascinated by marketing technology, how they work, and how they help solve problems. I have spent years evaluating and testing various tools trying to find the right solution for myself. I also might suffer from a bit of shiny object syndrome, but that is another story.

The questions I get asked are what tool I would recommend for solving a specific problem. The more common questions I see asked are requesting the best product out of three popular tools. The biggest problem with this way of picking a software solution is that you are not looking to solve a problem; instead, you ask people to cast votes for the homecoming queen.

Everyone has an opinion of what tool they think is best; it is typically the one they are using. When you are looking for a new MarTech tool, you need to begin with a needs analysis. Not all solutions in a given category offer the same functionality. Some will provide features that you will never use, while others offer the minimal feature set required to solve the problem.

With over 8,000 and growing available MarTech tools, it can be an overwhelming task to complete. Many MarTech products can solve your problem, and the best one for you won't always be everyone's favorite. Focus on the issue you are solving and choose from there.

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